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Progressive creationist sites.
Creation, ruination, recreation sites.
Anti Young Earth Creation sites.
Young earth creationist sites.
UFO Sites.
SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
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Christian sites

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Annie's Home Page A popular Christian web site.
All in one. You can submit your Christian site to numerous other religious sites from "All in one" quickly and easily!
Amazing Discoveries in Bible Archaeology. Links to several good sites.
American Scientific Affiliation. Christian resources & links.
The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute. Excellent coverage on Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, the Occult, etc.
Answering Islam. Excellent helps for witnessing to Moslems!
Audio Christian programs. Includes Unshackled, Adventures in Odyssey, The Jesus Film, the Bible read outloud, etc.
Back to the Bible. *** Denotes four sites on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and miraculous gifts.
***20th Century Tongues... Faith or Fake? What about Tongues speaking today?
***The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Part Two This charismatic scholar has many indepth articles. I feel this one is outstanding. I personally don't believe in coaching people to pray in tongues or languages. I also don't believe all "tongues speaking" is evidence of having been baptized in the Holy Spirit.
***Five reasons why "The Perfect Thing" in 1 Cor 13:10 is the completed NT
***In 1 Cor 13:10 is Paul referring to the completed NT or the perfection of heaven?
Behind The Badge of a Deputy Sheriff. Great site and testimonies!
Bible Broadcasting Network. BBN network radio stations.
Bible Gateway. The Bible in several versions, and translations.
Bible Net. Christian music, articles, etc.
The Bible's alleged corruption. Answers - via answering-islam.
The Blue Letter Bible Project. Excellent! Hebrew or Greek meaning of each word. Commentaries, etc.
The Boston Chinese Bible Study Resources. Interesting articles.
Chick Publications. Many comic like gospel tracts in various languages. Christian Bible studies and sermons.
Christianity Net. Christian news, articles, sites. Church locator.
Christian Link- Education, Apologetics.
Christian Singles Introductions You can view prospective Christian singles photo's and read their profiles. You decide who you want to date - not some computer. Free confidential online trail.
Christians in Science. Good resources & links.
Christian Students in Science. Some interesting articles. -has Awesome Christian Sites where you can vote for this site & other great ones. Christian search engine, directory & voting index. You'll find Bible, chat, churches, jobs, music, reviews, software, theology, & more. See the best sites! Many Christian Testimonies! Click on "Stories Library," for a better list of their testimonies. Comprehensive Christian Resource on the Internet.
Distinctive Church Collection. Directory for churches.
Early Church On Line Encyclopedia. (ECOLE). Early church documents.
The End by God. by Dennis A. Briggs. He warns believers that the Great Tribulation will occur, then the rapture, then the outpouring of God's wrath. His site presents and explains many Bible verses related to the end times. Very thought provoking.
Evangelical Outreach. Topics include eternal security, baptismal regeneration, Catholicism, cults, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Sabbatarians, Occult, prosperity message. Very judgemental, but much good information.
Focus on the Family. Dr. Dobson's radio program and ministry.
The Four Spiritual Laws. Off site.
Freedoms Ring. Seeks to help Restoration Movement Christians & other Christians move from legalism to grace and unity.
Global Christian Network. Growing Christian megasite.
Goshen- Internet Christian Resource Directory. Excellent Christian megasite.
Gospel Communications Network. Their Bible Gateway has the Bible in several languages & translations.
Gospel Communications Network cross search. Try clicking on apologetics.
Handbook about Demon Possession. Demon Possession!
Inerrancy and Human Ignornance. by James Patrick Holding.
Internet Bible College Learn or earn a degree, Diploma to Doctorate over the internet from an Internationally recognized Bible college based in Australia and USA.
Ivory Club. A moving story of a high school girl who bravely speaks out for celibacy till marriage and her effect on others.
Jews for Jesus. Helps for witnessing to Jews about Jesus.
Leadership University. E-mail classes, etc.
The Lion of Judah. Many links to articles on Bible's writers, canon, archaeology, supposedly hidden codes, manuscripts, interpretation, supposed errors and contradictions, etc.
Not Just Bibles. A guide to Christian resources on the internet.
The Origins Solution. Interesting book by Dick Fischer.
Our Church.Com. A simple way to make a dynamic website for your church with no programming.
Partial Birth Abortion Protest The shocking truth about partial birth abortions.
Reasons to Believe. Hugh Ross, a Christian astronomer, and author.
Reincarnation. Exhastive study - includes Biblical texts.
Ron Wyatt's archaeology website. Credited by Turkey with finding Noah's ark.
Rutherford Institute. Legal help, etc.
Science and Christianity - Allies or Enemies?
Sex Facts from the Bible. SEX but not Victorian. Biblical yet frank!
Special Message For Gays and Lesbians. Loving yet Biblical message.
Sports World, Inc. Professional Athletes come and share personal life experiences with students. Check out their letters from teens!
Straight Talk from and for Teens. 1-800-390-TALK = Their Help line.
Ted Bundy Interview, abb. Pornography is progressively addictive.
Tekton Apologetics Ministries. Has well researched and thoughful answers to some hard Biblical questions, asked by skeptics.
Thru The Bible Radio. with Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Unshackled! Listen to these true stories of life's unshackled by Jesus.
World Wide Study Bible. Links commentaries, sermons, pictures, archeological notes, word studies, etc, to each scripture!
Why I Left Atheism. By John Clayton.
2000 Christian Resource Many Christian resources.
Phone# Boys Town's crisis hotline for kids and parents= 1-800-448-3000
Phone# National youth crisis hotline for youth under 18= 1-800-HIT-HOME
Phone# Straight Talk's hotline for teens= 1-800-390-TALK

General and not so general science sites.

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A note to start with: I believe the truth has nothing to fear. Answering a List of Biblical Contradictions by James Patrick Holding does a good job of providing well researched and thoughful answers to some hard questions raised by skeptics, like the one about the hare chewing its cud. For more answers to these difficult questions I recommend "Tekton Apologetics Ministries" home page.

The Speed of Gravity - What the Experiments Say.
Ronald R. Hatch's modified Lorentzian ether theory of Relativity vice Einstein's Special theory of Relativity.
Aether Tectonics by Ross Tessien An alternative to quantum mechanics's seemingly nonrealistic theory.
How many people believe in both God and evolution?
What are some conflicts that raged between scientists and the established church in the past?
Scientists measure the distance to stars in a variety of ways.
However, to accurately measure galaxies that are billions of light years distant from earth, scientists like to use "gravitational lensing."
A couple pictures of the Milky Way Galaxy. We are in it.
Many animals and even one human have been taken out of the La Brea tar pits.
No dinosaur bones have been found in these pits.
See NASA's past "Astronomy Pictures of the Day."
See the total number of genes and pseudogenes that have been mapped on each human chromosome.
Does mitochondria DNA and nuclear DNA sometimes mix or migrate.

Pro evolution, pro Genesis sites.

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Glenn Morton, a Christian creationist who also believes in evolution, believes Adam was made around 5.5 million years ago. Glenn offers specific scientific and Biblical reasons he feels this is true. Notice especially the writeups under Evolution, the Origin of Man, and the Place of Fossil Man. You can access information about Glenn Morton's his two well documented books, "Foundation, Fall and Flood: A Harmonization of Genesis and Science" and "Adam, Apes, and Anthropology" at Glen believes God made Eve from Adam's rib.

Progressive creationist sites.

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"Reasons To Believe" founded by Dr. Hugh Ross a Christian astronomer.
God, Genesis and the big bang Progressive creation. Some evolution.
Creation, Evolution and Adam Progressive creation, seems to accept lots of evolution. Believes Adam may not have been the first human to live.

Creation, ruination, recreation sites.

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Christian Geology Ministry Explains Genesis using the exact words used in the KJV King James Version of the Bible.
Creationism vs. Evolution Gap view. Progressive creation, anti evolution.

Anti Young Earth Creation sites.

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Dr. Roger C. Wiens explains from a Christian perspective why Christians can trust radiometic dating.
The entire geologic column is found in proper order at 24 different locations.
Coal, oil, oil shales, limestone, etc, deposits contain tens of thousands of times more carbon than currently exists in all life forms on earth today.
Coal and how it is formed.
Polystrate fossils.
Many miles of Limestone that was formed in Kansas when the land was covered by seas many years ago.
Answers to many of the evidences that are suppose to support the Young Earth position. There are answers to things like the amount of dust on the moon, the supposedly shrinking sun, the earth's magnetic field, questions about radioactive decay rates, atmospheric helium, etc.
Glenn Morton's "Young-Earth Arguments: A Second Look."
More answers to Young Earth arguments from the Talk Origins archive index.
The severe crisis of belief a former Young Earth Christian (YEC) experienced when the tremendous evidence for the antiquity of the earth finally convinced him the YEC position was wrong.
Read about the asteroid that may have caused the extinction of large dinosaurs.
See evidence of a 65 million year old impact of a large asteroid in Mexico.
Many life forms appeared as time progressed.
Do some organisms show design flaws? Don't miss Bird-teeth genes.
"Plagiarized Errors and Molecular Genetics" Dr. Edward Max's article on genetic errors, including pseudogenes and retroposons.
When did God create modern humans perhaps-
120 thousand years ago. This timing is suggested by
the dating of huminid fossils. It has also been suggested that
humans appeared 130,000 years ago. An analysis of
the DNA in the mitochondria in our cells puts the common female ancestor of humans at 120,000 to 150,000 years ago. An analysis of the DNA in the nucleus of our cells puts the common male ancestor of humans at 188,000 to 270,000 years ago.
Harvard U Dept of Molecular & Cellular Biology. Many Biology Links.
Talk origins lists many topics dealing with evolution from abiogenesis to trilobites and beyond.
Here are some examples of different species developing from one "kind."
More examples of speciation.
Dr. Senapathy's explanation for the explosion of new life forms.
Some problems with the view that Noah's flood waters covered the entire earth.
Stromatolites, the oldest fossils found so far.
All kinds of fossils.
Creation King- Home of the Whoppers of some YEC's.
No Answers in Genesis! John Stear has some interesting information and links. I think it's good we provide recipical links to each other's site.
The Creation/Evolution Controversy Answers to YEC questions. Evolution evidences. Links to Christians sites with various viewpoints.

Young earth creationist sites.

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Answers in Genesis
Center for Scientific Creation
Creation Research Society
Creation Science Research Center
Institute for Creation Research

UFO Sites.

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Ufo Resources - ufo related news, books and web resources.

SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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SIDS: Sudden Infant Death "Syndrome" and the Fire Retardant Chemicals in Baby and Child Mattresses. I was quick to use the information in this and similiar articles when I helped take care of a baby a few years ago.

Inkjet refill kits, and printer problems solved.

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Printer refill ink kits and bulk inks.

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