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Like Daniel, in the Bible, we may find we are healthier if we 
watch what we eat and drink. Daniel 1:1-20. 

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Wayne's favorite supplements, (amount daily), and reason he takes it.
1) Metamucil (no sugar or synthetic sweeteners but stevia okay) (1 heaping tbsp) with lots of water or nonsweetened coconut flakes or chips (3/4 cup equals 6 heaping tbsp) with 1 can of crushed pineapple. (6 heaping tbsp = around 1.35 tbsp coconut oil). Fiber keeps colon clean and working. 2) RBD Coconut oil. (1+ Tbsp). Or I get my coconut oil from the above coconut fiber. Brain protection and immune system. 3) ON's 100% Whey protein. No artificial flavors or sweeteners. (1+ Scoops). Protein, Gout, weight loss. 4) Celtic Sea Salt. (1 level teaspoon or less. Normally adults should not consume over 2300 mg [1 tsp} of sodium a day). Sodium, muscle cramps. Note: a lack of water (dehydration) can also cause muscle cramps and or result in one being rushed to the emergency room. 5) Low sodium/low sugar orange juice, bananas, sweet potato, carrot juice, Kiwi, Zucchini, milk (whole from grass fed cows but not ultra pasturized), etc. [Normally adults don't need over 4700 mg of Potassium a day. There are exceptions.] Potassium, muscle cramps, heart. 6) LEF's Bone Restore with Vitamin K2. (3+ capsules). Calcium, Magnesium. Muscle cramps, bones. 7) Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil. (Spray 10+ sprays on skin and rub in). Magnesium, muscle cramps, headaches. 8) Dr Mercola's Complete Probiotics. (2+ capsules). Digestion, immune system. 9) Vitacost Hyaluronic Acid. (2+ capsules). Joints, connective tissue. 10) LEF's ArthroMax Advanced. (1+ capsules). Joints, connective tissue. 11) LEF's Chondroitin. (1 tablet). Joints, connective tissue. 12) LEF's Super Omega-3 with EPA/DHA. (2 softgels). Heart, build new brain cells. 13) LEF's Super K with advanced K2 complex. (1+ softgels). Heart, arteries. 14) LEF's Vitamin D 5,000 IU. (1 softgel). Immune system. 15) LEF's Two-Per-Day Capsules. (2 capsules) Multivitamin & mineral supplement. 16) Allopurinol prescribed by MD for gout. 17) theVitamin Shoppe's L-citrulline. (3000 mg+). Testosterone, Nitric Oxide. 18) Solaray's Beet Root. (2 capsules). Testosterone, Nitric Oxide. 19) LEF's DHEA. (50 mg). Hormone levels. 20) LEF's Super Miraforte. (2 to 4 capsules). Testosterone level. 21) LEF's 7-Keto DHEA. (100 mg). Hormone levels. 22) LEF's MacuGuard with Astaxanthin. (1 softgel). Eyes & brain. 23) LEF's Once Daily Health Booster. (1 softgel). Antioxident. 24) Quercetin (2000 mg) with Nettle leaf (2 capsules). (As needed). Allergies. 25) LEF's AMPK Activator. (2 capsules). Weight loss. 26) LEF's Grapeseed Extract with Resveratrol & Pterostilbene. (1 capsule). Arteries & all cells. 27) LEF's Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with BioPQQ. (100 mg). (1 capsule). Heart arteries & all cells. 28) LEF's Enhanced Berry Complete with Acai. (1 capsule). Brain. 29) LEF's Ultra Natural Prostate. (2 softgel.) Prostate health. 30) Nutristand's EDTA with Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Malic Acid, Garlic, Parsley. (4 capsules on a empty stomach.) Hopefully to clean out plaque and any lead, etc., in arteries large and tiny and reduce High Blood pressure. I took other kinds of EDTA but after reading the following article I thought this might be the safest vice IV chelation with EDTA by a medical doctor (which is far more expensive but probably far better).
Alkalanizing Minerals to help make my body but not my blood more alkaline.
Minerals that also stopped my muscle cramps!
Our blood ph stays around 7.35 to 7.45, slightly alkaline. However, one's body ph can be acid or alkaline. It is my understanding cancer can only exist in an acid environment. Animal proteins and sugars are acid producing. I seem to be doing much better since I've been consuming more alkaline minerals. I think the 80/20 rule of eating is a good idea. That is aiming for 80 percent of one's diet to be alkaline and 20 percent of one's diet to be acid. Here are the Five top alkalanizing minerals.
1) Sodium. Years ago a prophet of the Lord told me that the Lord said to tell me to take Celtic Sea Salt. I take Celtic Sea Salt every day I eat. Its light grey. I ordered mine from This supplies me with Sodium and apparently over 80 other minerals.
2) Potassium. Most people can get potassium from sweet potatoes, carrots, tomato, kiwi, zucchini, avocado, bell pepper, bananas, V8's low sodium drink, oranges, etc. Sodium and potassium have somewhat of a balancing act. One regulates the fluid pressure inside the cells while the other regulates the fluid pressure outside of the cells. Way too much or little of either one can result in problems including severe muscle cramps. Many people are allergic to night shade vegetables like tomato, white potato, peppers, egg plant, etc. Night shade vegetables may cause their joints to become very inflammed.
3) Magnesium. I spray several sprays of Magnesium (chloride) oil from per day on my skin and then rub it into my skin. Magnesium chloride is quickly absorbed through the skin and does not cause diarreah like can happen when one takes too much magnesium orally. Magnesium is alkanizing and helps one's muscles relax.
4) Calcium. Currently I get my Calcium and Magnesium from foods and "Puritan's Pride" Premium Chelated Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, from or from a capsule that contains Calcium and Magnesium from
5) Silicon. Silicon is an alkanizing mineral. But we can't absorb silicon. Silica is the form of silicon we can use. Bamboo shoots are high in silica. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is composed of billions of tiny single celled photoplankton that are around 85% silica. We really can't absorb Silica but when DE is mixed with water Orthosilicic Acid (OA) is produced. We can absorb OA and we can get silicon from OA. DE by itself can help rid one of parasites, worms, etc. After doning a breathing mask, I add a lot of the white powdered DE to the bottom of my large water containers. Then I add lots of water and mix the two together resulting in OA. Throughout the day I pour off a glass or two of water with OA in it and drink it. I then refill my large water container. I never even come close to empting my large water containers. I am very careful to not breath in any of the white powdered DE into my lungs as DE in one's lungs is very, very dangerous! For more on mixing DE in water to produce OA click 1451015#i. I take this for stronger and better fingernails, skin, hair, bones, tendons and ligaments. It seemed to strength my fingernails quickly.
Remember, a lack of water can also cause muscle cramps.
Coconut Oil, low carb, high ketones diet.
The best defense is a good offence. So I consume at least one tbsp of rbd (refined, bleached, dedorized) coconut oil or the equalivent per day. I want my body and brain to use the MCFA (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) in coconut oil for energy. The MCT (medium chain triglycerides) in coconut oil are broken down into MCFA that kill many bad bacteria, fungus, virus, as long as they have a membrane. The rabies, zika and ebola viruses all have a membrane. The comon cold virus does not have a membrane. I do not know if the MCT's in coconut oil can kill the rabies, zika or ebola viruses but they might be able to.
For the benefits of Coconut oil/meat/milk and fresh coconut water read some of the books on coconut by Bruce Fife, N.D. like "Eat Fat Look Thin," "Coconut Cures," "Stop Alzheimer's Now," "The New Arthritis Cure," "The Coconut Oil Miracle." I just finished reading "Stop Alzheimer's Now!" by Bruce Fife. This book also covers epileptic seizures, MS, ALS, Parkingson's, etc. I learned our teeth are full of holes called tubules. These holes are very small. All kinds of bad germs multiple in these small holes which our white blood cells are too large to get into. The bad germs travel out in mass from inside these tubules and root canals and infect the body anyplace. They can cause or increase arthritus, dementia, cancer, heart disease, HPB, etc. While brushing,and flossing are helpful, the best defense against the germs in these tubules seems to be oil pulling which I like to call oil swishing. So I try to swish some coconut oil around in my mouth sometimes for several minutes a day. When done I spit the coconut oil out in the trash. Bruce Fife explains it fully in some of his books. I also think coconut oil may reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol. However, don't take coconut oil right before sleep, as it will probably speed up your metabolism and make it hard for you to go to sleep.
I think coconut oil helps one lose weight. It is loaded with MCFA which the liver can use to make ketones. The brain can use glucose, ketones, or MCFA's for energy. Most oils are high in LCFA Long Chain Fatty Acids. The brain cannot use LCFA's for energy. LCFA's cannot cross the blood brain barrier according to the information in Bruce Fife's books. Coconut oil is suppose to be helpful for anyone suffering from alzheimer's, arthritis, heart disease, fibromyalgia, cancer and a host of other diseases. You can order one to 40 pound buckets of 76 degree rbd (refined, bleached, deoderized) coconut oil from bulkapothecary 888-728-7612 for a very good price per pound. So the oil doesn't oxidize be sure to keep it out of the light and sealed away from the air. There are approximately 27 grams of coconut fat or 1.8 tablespoons of coconut oil in one cup of coconut flakes.
In March of 2016, I starting water fasting every other week for a while. So I water fast for a week seeking to get closer to God and asking Him for specific requests. I also spend time singing praises and thanks to him. Then I eat for a week. Then I again water fast for a week. Knowing your going to eat in a few days makes it easier to continue fasting. It is helping me get closer to God and as a side I am losing weight and stomach fat. I am also improving my diet on the weeks that I do eat. I currently break my fasts with eight+ heaping tbsps coconut flakes or chips mixed with one can crushed pineapple, one tsp celtic sea salt and one to two servings of whey protein. After that meal, when I feel like it I eat some baked sweet potatoes. While doing that I take my supplements. I try to drink plenty of water while and after fasting. I hope you read the next paragraph on the importance of brushing and flossing even while you are fasting.
Teeth, Gums, Fasting, and Mercury in amalgate silver fillings.
Years ago I had all the amalgamate silver fillings which have mercury in them, removed from my teeth. Any mercury is harmful to your brain and other organs. I think that helped my memory and immunine system a lot. Whether a person is fasting or eating it is important to brush all surfaces on one's teeth including at the gum line and floss perferably twice a day. Why? Because the bacteria in one's mouth produce plaque, even without food, which over time hardens or mineralizes and changes to tarter. While brushing and flossing can remove plaque, they cannot remove tarter. Tarter is extremely harmful to the teeth. Teeth can become loose at the gum line and fall out. It takes a tooth cleaning to remove the tarter. So one should also get their teeth cleaned twice a year. Mineralization of plaque can begin within 24 hours and plaque can change to tartar within 10 days. So it might be a good idea to strive to brush and floss every 12 hours. I like to brush with a sonic care or similiar type tooth brush.
Super EPA/DHA from
While wonderful, coconut oil contains none of the essential fatty acids EPA or DHA. So I take at least two capsules of Super EPA/DHA capsules from for my immune system and to help in building new brain cells.
Red Palm Oil, Coconut Oil and cooking
Palm Oil is loaded with healthy nutrients according to Bruce Fife. It's smoking point is approximately 437 degrees. The smoking point of Coconut Oil is approximately 350 degrees. The smoking point of olive oil is 405 degrees F. These oils are the only oils I would cook with other than butter or animal Fat. Most oils oxide quickly producing harmful free radicals when heating in cooking but not these oils unless you heat them above their smoking point. Bulk apothecary also sells Palm oil.
Fiber- Metamucil or unsweetened dried Coconut flakes or chips.
To get my fiber I've used metamucil. However, the fiber I like best is unsweetened coconut flakes or chips. Coconut flakes or chips are a great source of soluble and mostly insoluble fiber. Nutritionists suggest one consumes 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day. Four tbsps of dried coconut supply 20 grams of fiber. Eight tbsps of dried coconut supply 40 grams of fiber. There are 16 level tbsps or 8 heaping tbsps in one cup. Dried coconut flakes have around twice the fiber per tbsp as one tbsp of fresh coconut meat. Sweetened dried coconut meat (coconut flakes) is high in added sugar. Using sweetened dried coconut flakes could make it hard to keep one's carbs extremely low. One tbsp coconut flakes has one gm protein.
My Total Nutrition Center
In my super juicer plus or "Total Nutrition Center" I have juiced raw zuchanni, bell pepper, cucumber, blackberries, etc., with Celtic Sea Salt, metamucil, whey protein and Stevia. The raw vegetables give me lots of active enzymes, photochemicals, vitamins and minerals. Enzymes enable chemical reactions to take place. Our bodies contain and use thousands of different kinds of enzymes. Each enzyme can be reused thousands of times. However, once an enzyme is heated to approximately 120 degrees it becomes useless. Stevia is a natural sweetener. You can see why I use whey protein in my writing under gout.
I also eat a few pumpkin seeds, and almonds. I believe they are good for my heart and arteries, and body.
Whey Protein
Whey protein has no nuclear DNA and therefore does not make my gout worse. I like ON's Gold Standard Natural 100% Whey that says "no artificial flavors or sweeteners." I've also mixed Solgar's "Whey To Go" vanilla flavored whey protein with some stevia in my total Nutrition Center mixer. The vanilla flavored "Whey to Go" whey protein has no fructose or artifical sweeteners in it. Questbar if it reads All natural, no sugar or artificial sweeteners used, Natural Protein Bar has lots of protein and fiber and is sweetened with Stevia, an herbal sweetener, and Lo Han Guo.
I was using Whey protein sweeted with aspartame. Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners seems to have been raising my blood pressure a lot. My choice of sweetener now is stevia or Betterstevia from NOW. Stevia is a herb.
Vivix and vitamin D.
Vivix is made by Shaklee, a wonderful multilevel company. I was very impressed when I read the testimonies by people who have benefited from Vivix. The recommended dose is one teaspoon per day. I do not sell Vivix or any other supplement. You can ask your friends if they know someone who sells it and you can also research it on the internet. I've taken some and I liked it.
Exercising with a rebounder or small trampoline.
I was using a rebounder called Cellerciser from around ten minutes a day. Then I read if you are maintaining your weight with ten minutes of minitrampoline use a day increase to one to two hour of rebounding a day and you will lose weight. The Cellerciser is a special trampoline built to not cause injury, to last, to exercise every cell in one's body with each bounce. It increases the circulation of one's lymphatic fluid thus building up one's immune system, and provides antigravity exercise for one's bones. I read that rebounding can increase the strength of one's cell membrances by 50% in just three days. That's a good reason to rebound daily. Bellicon at also has a great minitrampoline. While it is more expensive it is also very quiet.
Water. have very reasonable and long lasting filters for showers and drinking water. They have filters to remove bacteria, chlorine, floride, etc.
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.
This book details how almost uncontrollable anger, fear, depression, ADD, OCD, impulsiveness, etc., can sometimes be caused by a physical problem in one or more of five different brain areas. This book also gives different solutions chemical, nutritional, thought wise, etc., to various problems. Using a SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) one can actually see the area of the brain that is not working correctly.
I have suffered from gout for years. Here's what I've learned.
1st) Fructose is metabolized only by the liver. Fructose can increase uric acid levels! Higher uric acid levels equals more and worse gout attacks. You can read how fructose and HFCS increase uric acid and blood pressure levels, while decreasing nitric oxide, etc. You can also read about the connection between fructose and obesity, gout, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and fatty liver. A few years ago a prophet of God told me God said to tell me to stop drinking sodas. Turns out sodas are very acidic, and high in HFCS or fructose. I just learned most sweetened tea is sweetened with fructose. So I decided to get unsweetened tea when I want sweet tea and sweeted it with sucrose or better still stevia.
2nd) Protein with DNA in it's cell nuclei can raise uric acid levels. Conversly, protein that doesn't have nuclear DNA should not raise uric acid levels. Because of that, whey protein is now my main source of protein. This article explores possible links between milk and a host of problems. Some believe a gluten and casein free diet may be beneficial in helping some children with autism, schizophrenia, etc. Whey protein does not have casein. A couple days ago I had some ice cream. This was followed by a gout attack and painful swelling of my sinuses. At a couple sites on earthclinic a and b I learned the painful swelling of my sinuses may have been caused by my consumption of (soft?) ice creams, some of which contain a unique compound.
3rd) Nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, etc., can give me a severe gout attack. So I'm going to use more bananas, orange juice, sweet potato, kiwi, zucchini, etc., to get the potassium I need. One bannana or one 8 oz cup of milk should give me almost 10% of the potassium I need a day. Sweet potato is not a nightshade vegetable. I think whole milk from grass fed cows, goats, or sheep, is much better then skim milk or milk from grain fed animals.
4th) I've learned to increase my body temperature when I'm having a gout attack. I turn the temperature up and take a hot but not scalding shower. Each one degree increase in body temperature causes more painful sharp uric acid crystals to be dissolved. Conversely, each one degree decrease in temperature causes more sharp uric acid crystals to form.
5th) Aleve from the Pharmacy when I'm having a slight gout attack.
6th) Alternatively, Relevit from has helped me when I'm having a gout attack.
7th) Allopurinol. I finally started taking a medicine from my doctor called Allopurinol. I wish I had started taking it years ago. I have experienced no bad side effects from it. It stops an enzyme that puts together a couple compounds that produces uric acid.
8th) I built and use a near-infrared sauna at least 20 to 30 minutes at times. This light penetrates deep into my tissues and organs to detoxify them. The intense sweating did cause me to lose electrolytes. This resulted in intense muscle cramps until I began to replace my electrolytes. Namely magnesium, and potassium. I was already replacing sodium via Celtic Sea Salt. There are plans on the internet to help you build a near infrared sauna. I used 2" by 2" by perhaps 8' wood studs to build my frame. I used aluminum insulation rolls 4' by perhaps 48 feet from the hardware store. I used shatter proof near infrared heating lamps and plugged five of them over my twin sized bed into a multi plug electical outlet. Right under my five heating lamps I have a strip of wire fence with 1" by 1" square openings. Near infrared light does not tan one at all. Make sure you use a timer which will automatically shut your near-infrared sauna off after a certain number of minutes. You could possibly die if you stayed in it for too long. I use seven shatter proof near-infrared heat lamps and mine gets up to over 140 degrees. I preheat mine before using it. I sweat a lot and lose a lot of electrolites like sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc., in just 20 to 30 minutes. So I have to replace those electrolites quickly.
9th) If you suffer from gout you may have some level of ED. While L-arginine may increase NO Nitric Oxide short term, it can also increase urea which can increase uric acid. L-citrulline can increase NO for a much longer period of time apparently without increasing uric acid. A clinical study reported good results with men with ED using 1500 mg of L-citrulline daily. Suprisingly, I found out testosterone is very high in cholesterol. Some 88 year old man consumes over 20 eggs a day and his wife says he's a stud. One can buy pasturized raw eggs. has them. You can go on their site to see who sells them in your area. Currently, I'm consuming a dozen raw pasturized eggs a day when I'm eating. A dozen eggs have around 72 grams of protein.
10th) Getting rid of excess floride may help relieve gout. I've just began using boron to help get rid of floride. The near infrared sauna is also suppose to help with this.
Poison ivy, oak rash relief Tells it is the urushiol oil in poison ivy, oak, etc., that produces the terrible symptons. There is a saying, "Leaves of three, let them be. Leaves of five, let them be." Here is more information and pictures of poison ivy.
Has more information and references Fels Naptha bar soap which includes Naphtha. Fels Naptha bar soap made by Dial corporation seems to be one of the most effective things one can use to rid oneself of urushiol oil from poison ivy, oak, etc. It can be purchased on line or in some stores like walmart in the laundry detergent isle.
Dried sweet fern leaves. An old time tested remedy.
Jewelweed soap, salve, and spray. Another old time tested remedy.
Hylands poison ivy oak homeopathic formula tablets.
Clear Calagel anti-itch lotion, and Tecnu original or Tecnu Extreme from or call 1-800-itching. I also washed all my affected clothes in very hot water in detergent and Tecnu original.
When I needed quick relief from itching I put the affected area under very hot but not scalding running water for a minute or so. This caused all the cells there to release all the histamine in them causing me to itch intensely for that minute or so. Then I had no more itching there for several hours, until the affected cells built up more histamine. Then I just repeated the process. I also scrubbed the affected areas with Fels Napatha soap, and or Jewelweed soap, and or Tecnu Extreme lotion. I have purchased Fels Napatha soap on ebay.
Potassium Iodide
I keep some potassium iodide around in case of a nuclear event. I expecially have it for my children in case of a nuclear event.
Bones and Joints
For my joints I currently take or plan on taking or have taken: 1) ArthroMax(TM) Advanced with UC-II(Copyrighted) & ApresFlex(TM) from 2) Solaray Glucosamine Chrondrotin Hyaluronic Acid from 3) MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 1000 mg from For my bones I have taken: 1) For my bones and immune system I take around 7000 mg/day of vitamin D. 2) I use the rebounder called Cellerciser from It's a special trampoline to increase the circulation of my lymphatic fluid, build up my immune system, and provide antigravity exercises for my bones. also has a very good but much quieter trampoline. 3) I get regular adjustments from a chiropractor who gives forced adjustments. My chiropractor also uses a fast vibrating device on me called an Artharostim. He says it vibrates so fast my muscles don't have time to tense up before it moves my vertbra. 4) I discovered using the thumper massager from I don't need near as many chiropractic adjustments or professional massages as I used to. I especially like the Equine Professional Massager from thumpermassager. 5) Remember staying away from Night Shade vegetables may help reduce joint inflammation if you are sensitive to Night Shade vegetables like tomato, white potato, egg plant, peppers, etc.
1) I take's products for the eyes. 2) I do eye exercies which seems to be helping me to see better. I take my reading glasses off and look up, down, right, left, 360 degree circle, close then far tracing the outline of a far object with my eye, I try to do these exercises several times a day.
Flesh Eating Bacteria!
Auto Zap Zapper. In 2006 I believe I was attacked by flesh eating bacteria. It can kill one and or cause the loss of limbs in 24 to 48 hours. I believe I got infected Tuesday and was back to work Monday. Besides prayer (very earnest prayer) and an antibiotic from the Doctor Thursday or Friday here's what I did. I consumed a bulb of raw garlic a day. Yes, that's a whole bulb not little clove. 1800 mg of N-Acetyl Cysteine with 6000 mg of Vitamin C several times daily. Lef's Super booster softgels. I put either the positive or negative handle (which handle made a difference) of the autozap zapper right on the infected spots, I held the other handle in my hand. After several cycles the center of the spots turned black and seemed to die. However, my neck kept oozing. After praying I remembered two people who's bleeding ulcers stopped bleeding after taking Lef's L-Glutamine Powder. Soon after I starting taking a tsp or so of L-Glutamine in water a couple times a day, my neck stopped oozing and began to heal. Thank you Jesus! I zapped itchy cells with the various stepped range of frequencies from Bestzapper approximately $130 from This appears to have killed the bad bacteria inside infected cells. It turned the top of infected cells black and they stopped itching, etc. That's all on the flesh eating bacteria I think attacked me.
Transfer Factor Plus sometimes. TF Plus has the Transfer Factors from colostrum. This may enable my body to build antibodies coded for by the TF's in the TF Plus. Check out http://www.oralchelation.comshopcart/productssel3.htm and
Juicing and eating:
Heat up or cook peanuts, cabbage, sweet potatoes, asparagus, millet, soybeans, etc., to deactivate goitrogens which keep one's body from using iodine which is essential for the thyroid. That is also why I would not feed a baby uncooked or unheated soybean products. Foods high in Selenium included asparagus, garlic, and mushrooms.

I'd encourage you to see the warnings or cautions giving at about oils or products from soybeans, rape seed or canola, almond, corn, safflower, acocado, and peanuts. You can also read the good things it says about oil and products from olives, flax, sesames, and sunflowers, etc. It also has advice on improving one's eyesight.
If your sick you might want to consider energy devices and systems, including the following.
1) Quantum Touch. In Quantum Touch you visualize energy, moving up your body as you breath in. Then as you breath out you visualize the energy moving down and usually out through your hands. It is pretty easy to learn and do. Their web site is As I see it God is everywhere so we should not be surprised that he allows us to move energy around.
2) Sungazing. You can learn more about sungazing from or other sites. The sun is simple one of trillions of stars that God created. Usually you gaze directly at the sun when it first rises in the morning. They suggest you look at the sun an additional ten seconds every day until your looking at it for an hour straight. I progressed faster than that and got up to gazing at the sun for over an hour at a time. However, because I am further North than the guy in India I believe that wasn't enough time to reap the benefits he experienced. Since then, my work schedule has prevented me from spending much time gazing at the sun. I believe graduated sun gazing can end up providing energy to one's body as well as relief from SAD, depression, etc. The sun is not God and is never to be worshipped. The sun is just one of Jehovah God's creations. Looking at the sun during an eclipse may cause severe eye damage. As the moon blocks the sun one's pupil will enlarge. When the sun suddenly appears the enlarged pupil will tend to allow too much sunlight into the eye. The key to sungazing is to slowly increasing the length of time one looks directly at the sun at sunrise. My understanding is glass eliminates the best rays from the sun. So I don't look the the sun through any glass. However, I do sometimes use multiple layers of screen to look at the sun if it is high enough up that looking at it otherwise would hurt my eyes. I try to not look at the sun if it makes my sneeze or squint. I just snap the layers of screen on a rigid square or rectangular frame. They generate a lot of clouds here via chem trails, especially early in the morning so I often can't see the sun early in the morning. To protect my eyes, I take Super Zeaxanthin with Lutein & Meso-zeaxanthin from LEF. Remember, if you choose to sungaze you do so at your own risk. I believe most Doctors would very strongly warn you against sungazing and I am not medically qualified in any way to dispute them. I also believe if you sungaze wrongly you most likely would severly damage your eyes. Never look at the sun during an eclipse.
I've also used the following:
1) Flax seed oil and or fiber. The capsules seem to retain their freshness better than the oil. Freshly ground flax seeds using a small coffee grinder apparently have compounds to inhibit cancer. Many people can convert ALA in flax seed oil to the omega 3's EPA and DHA. However, a number of people have trouble doing the conversion. Dr. Budwig treated cancer patients by mixing flax seed oil in a blender (not by hand) with cottage cheese, which is high in some high sulpher amino acids. In the past, my M.D. had to tell me my intense stomach pains were a result of my consuming too much metamucil along with Flax seed fiber. He told me one or the other but not both!
Note: It seems some grains, grain fed beef, and many oils increase one's arachidonic acid. The body converts arachidonic acid to Cox-2 which results in increased inflammation and pain in one's joints. See lef's site and the article "Linoleic Acid Is Carcinogenic" by Stanford Field for more information.
It seems we should pay more attention to how acid or alkaline our body is. The standard American diet tends to make one quite acid.
If you take Creatine please take a minute and read what some individuals have written about possible dangerous side effects, of creatine, or perhaps the incorrect use of creatine. I think the bottom line is be sure you drink plenty of water with creatine. I try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day regardless of what supplements I'm taking.
A number of women and some men are plagued by Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS). It is also called Restless Genital Syndrome or Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. It is painful 24/7 and at least one person who had it committed suicide. One lady's symptoms disappeared for a while after she was treated with ACMOS. On youtube her hands then feet in places appeared to receive small shocks or electrical acupuncture. Later her symptoms came back. I think it's possible several reapplications of the ACMOS treatment would result in her symptoms disappearing for good. But what if a person can't get or afford ACMOS treatments? It is possible PSAS is caused by a blockage of Qi flowing through one's Meridians. I'm thinking the blockage might be in the Kidney and or Gall Bladder and or Urinary Bladder Meridian. If so, an acupuncturist might be able to help a sufferer of PSAS. Also one could trace all or some of their Meridians with their fingers with the thought that they want the Energy or Qi to move along following the normal flow of Qi through their Meridians. Never trace your heart Meridian backwards, and normally trace all your Meridians forwards. The following may help you trace your Meridians.
More information in Energy Medicine by Donna Eden & acupuncture model.
Meridians Start End Points 1) Lung High on Lung 1st Finger pt 1 11 2) Large Intestine 2nd Finger pt 1 Flair Nose 20 3) Stomach Under Eyes Top 2nd Toe pt 5 45 4) Spleen 1st Toe pt 1 Outside side Ribs 20 5) Heart Armpit High Under 5th finger pt 1 9 6) Small Intestine Top 5th Finger pt 5 Middle Ear 19 7) Urinary Bladder Inside Eyes Top 5th toe pt 5 64 8) Kidney Wellspring Life K-27 27 9) Pericardium Outside nipple Under 3rd finger pt 1 9 10) Triple Warmer Top 4th Finger pt 5 Eye Brow 23 11) Gall Bladder Outside Eyes Top 4th Toe pt 5 45 12) Liver 1st Toe pt 5 Under Breast 14 13) Central RN Bottom Body Bottom Lip 24 14) Governing DU Exit bottom Top Lip 28
Pt 1 means toward 1st toe/finger (big toe/thumb) or beyond. Pt 5 means towards 5th toe/finger (little finger/toe) or beyond. Your middle finger/toe down in front of you is 0 (degree) cw to 360 (degrees). 1) Short top outside bicep. 2) Short - one job. 3) Circle under bottom lip to under other eye. Circle from top side head to jaw to under lip to jaw up to top side head. Go from sides chin down to collar bone. Go outward follow it to line up with nipple, down to breast, angle toward 2 from midline, bottom pubic bone outward over front leg outside knee. Remember short outside jog at shin. 4) Right above ankle bone. After SP 20 one sharp outside jog. 5) Short inside arm. 6) Shoulder blade, cheek, middle ear opening. 7) Hardest, back head & knee. 8) Loop around below inside ankle bone to inside back calf to exit. Then bottom pubic bone near midline up then over some and up to K27. 9) (Heart Constrictor) Short middle bicep. 10) Go over ear to top opening to eyebrow. 11) Outside eye to ear lobe, up, around back ear, up to hair line, inside down to lower back neck to front over main body shoulder to under arm pit, in to ribs under tip, outside waist, in some on hip, out to indent on buttocks, down outside legs, jog in bottom calf, top ankle bone. 12) Above ankle bone, inside leg, at start pubic bone angle to outside waist then at LR 13 angle over to straight under nipple. 13) Short up front. 14) Short up back. Above illustrations on pages 101-111, 313 in Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.
I think the following books contain good overall nutrition advice. "Nutrition Almanac," (c) by John D. Kirschmann, published by McGraw-Hill. "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" by James F. Balch, Jr., and Phyllis A Balch, published by Avery Publishing Group. In "Alternative Medicine," compiled by The Burton Goldberg Group, 380 Physicians describe their treatments. It's published by Future Medicine Publishing, Inc. in Tiburon, CA.

I also recently read "Politics In Healing" by Daniel Haley. Published by Potomac Valley Press Washington, DC. ISBN 0-9701150-0-8. This book details several different therapies that have been shut down in America by a few very powerful organizations in America. Many individuals and even Doctors have claimed and even testified in court as to the effectiveness of some of these various therapies, now banned by powerful agencies. Haley tells how various therapies came to be and how and why they and their discoveriers came to be persecuted and denounced. These therapies include Dr. William F. Koch's carbonal catalyst Glyoxylide, colostrum, DMSO, Dr. Becker and Dr. Kirsch's electromedicine, and several others. Daniel Haley is a careful researcher and details what the American public can do to try to get politics out of medicine. I was fascinated by the potential for good of many of the therapies Haley wrote about. I was frustrated as I read of the many evil deeds powerful men committed in the name of their gods, money and power. I believe many of the condemned therapies in this book could improve and even save the lives of millions of humans. You can order this book through the web site or by calling 1-800-898-0639.
Be sure you don't take too much of anything. It can be dangerous, even fatal! You can take too much of almost anything, especially that which is oil soluble, like vitamins A & D. Too much vitamin A may make one's finger tips swell up and even split open. Too much vitamin D may cause one to become very thirsty. Iron is vital, but too much can cause free radical damage. Too much Zinc can cause you to be low in copper. If you take too much copper you might vomit it up. Even multi vitamin mineral pills might be contraindicated in some rare cases. Molybdenum is essential but extremely large amounts may cause one to develop gout! I found that out in "The Complete Book of Natural & Medicinal Cures" by the Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books. It's Published by Rodale Press, Emmaus Pennsylvania and is on page 213. So talk to your nutritionist, or Doctor and educate yourself.
I do not sell any supplements! I cannot recommend any specific supplements or amounts of supplements for you to take. Be careful! Even seemingly harmless supplements or foods might be harmful or fatal to you. One little peanut can kill some people. I recently heard about someone who was killed by the peanut residue on another persons body. If a little child is allergic to peanuts do not give them anything with peanuts in it. The airway of allergic children and adults can and have swelled up and killed them! I believe I feel a lot better due to some of the supplements I take.
You should keep supplements away from children, especially small children. Small children will eat and drink anything!
Remember to exercise every day. Don't feel you have to exercise for an hour at a time. Several 5 minute sessions are better than none at all. Remember your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, if your a Christian. Once your dead, you can't help people or serve Jesus, on this earth! So try to take care of the body God's given you! I like intense short bursts of exercies on my cellerciser trampoline as short hard exercise may increase the length of ones telemers. Long more gentle antigravity exercises are also beneficial to increase the circulation of one's lymphatic fluid and for one's bones and muscles. The trampolines at are also good and very quiet.

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